Saturday, 1 June 2013

Keynote Remote

Here’s a tip for all of you iPad fans. Frequent readers know that I am a big fan of Apple’sKeynote presentation software. I was quite excited when Apple introduced Keynote for the iPad. But my excitement was quickly cooled when I discovered that there was no way to remotely control Keynote on the iPad. Because of this limitation, I was  forced to stand next to my stationary iPad if I wanted to use it for a presentation.
Great news. With the most recent update to Keynote for iOS, you can use the Keynote Remote app to control Keynote on your iPad using your iPhone (or iPod touch). Keynote Remote is a sweet little app that not only allows you to control your presentation, but also shows you a thumbnail of your current and next slide. This allows you to freely move around the room while controlling your presentation, without having to turn your back on your audience to see what slide you are on.
So how do you use it? First, you must have the latest version of Keynote  running on your iPad. Next, run Keynote Remote on your iPhone. Follow the on screen instructions to connect to your iPad. Both the iPad and iPhone have to be connected to the same WiFi network. The last presentation I gave, I didn’t have access to WiFi, so I brought along an old wireless router and used that for my WiFi access. It worked just great, and the audience (who largely shared my passion for technology) were really taken with the setup.

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