Saturday, 20 July 2013

How Long Can You Sit Still?

Some members of your audience may consider attending your presentation a welcome respite from being tied down to a desk all day. But many of your spectators may come from active or dynamic jobs. For these folks, sitting still through a long presentation may be nothing short of torture.

The next time you host a long meeting or training session, keep this in mind. Find a reason to get your audience up and moving.You should, of course, schedule an adequate number of breaks, but it's even better if you can make getting up and moving part of your presentation. Maybe arrange a hands-on product demonstration at the front of the room. Or set up an activity where your audience breaks up into smaller groups for a while. Even something as simple as asking for some help passing out handouts will get a few folks moving.

If your presentation extends over lunch, hold lunch in another room. If the weather is good, maybe you can arrange a barbecue. That gets people on their feet and gives them a shot of fresh air.

Also, don't forget the welfare of the presenter! Give yourself a break too. If you can manage it, share the presentation duties, taking turns presenting so the you can take a break. If you are on your own, maybe you can include a video or two in your presentation, but nothing too long.This has the side benefit of adding some variety to your presentation.

So the next time you plan a long presentation or all day conference ask yourself, how long can you sit still?

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